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Background The RDF/OWL Best Practices Task Group is part of Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG; Its purpose is to adapt TDWG vocabularies for use as RDF classes and properties and to integrate those resources with other well-known vocabularies and ontologies outside T...


IMPORTANT This project has been moved to GitHub. Summary RDF Browser is a web application that takes distributed data in RDF as input and allows to display it on a bubble diagram. The goal of the application is to show capabilities of RDF as a mediation platform between independent systems an...


Django-RDF is an RDF engine implemented in a generic, reusable Django app, providing complete RDF support to Django projects without requiring any modifications to existing framework or app source code, or incurring any performance penalty on existing control flow paths. The philosophy is simple: D...

InContext is a visualisation tool that allows website builders to embed and visualise RDF relations in a smooth and user friendly way.

InContext let's you navigate through RDF relations in a smooth and understandable way. The objects in an enhanced publication are presented nice and clean like one reads a news paper to discover interesting material, and click on it to read details. The visualiser is playful, friendly interfaced, us...

RDF Viewer for Eclipse

Triplipse is a visualization tool for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) within Eclipse. It provides two views of the RDF Graph: one as a simple, sortable table of the Statements, and one as a tree instead of the typical bubble-graph. Triplipse accepts RDF+XML and Turtle formats, and is design...

Lightweight Java RDF Processing

It was fun, but development on Oroboro has all but stopped… Oroboro is a lightweight Java RDF processing framework. Its design focuses on rule-based data extraction and integration tasks involving moderate datasets, targeting common use cases while striving to remain as simple and flexible as pos...


MRG allows Java developers to easily load, view and construct RDF graphs. An API is provided that allows simple access to graph components, including RDF collections. If your configuration data is in RDF, then this API provides simpler and faster access than a full SPARQL query engine. It is light...

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A runnable system fuses or interlink RDF datasets according to user config. RDF-AI includes preprocessing, matching, fusion, interlink and post processing five modules. The system provides flexible user interface to interact with user's config, this approach gives the user an important role for def...

Template-driven RDF→anything converter

RDFshow takes an RDF graph and applies a set of user-provided templates to produce a text file. It is intended for the creation of HTML or XML documents from RDF descriptions, but might be useful for other RDF processing tasks. RDFshow is a Python 2 package and operates on RDFLib Graph objects, but...

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