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examples of web services

web 服务的例子-examples of web services...

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this as a designated web services based business process definition of a model....

本文为指定基于 web 服务的业务流程行为定义了一种表示方法。这种表示方法被称为 web 服务的业务流程执行语言(Business Process Execution Language for web services)(以下简称为 BPEL4WS)。用 BPEL4WS 表示的流程只能通过使用 web 服务接口...

web 浏览器

这是在 java 语言中的 web 浏览器。通过描述如何显示 html,css 等页在 web 浏览器中如何在 web 浏览器中打开本地文件。如何启用和禁用转发和前一页按钮按页面的显示。所有这些事情能顺利了解后看到这款浏览器和它的来源。...

PHP Site Login Objects for amazon web services

SLO: Site Login Objects This is yet another site/session login system with a big difference - it works with amazon web services SimpleDB. (It uses the pawsSDB library to interface to SimpleDB.) While there are a several other login framework examples available, this one is object-oriented, and bas...

A Java client library for a variety of amazon web services

This is a simple API to access amazon's SQS, EC2, CloudWatch, AutoScaling, ELB, SimpleDB, SNS, FPS and DevPay LS web services. It uses the QUERY APIs. This code is thread-safe and works very reliably to the best of my knowledge. I've been using it on a system where sending messages in SQS is critica...

cipaws - CodeIgniter Mysql PHP亚马逊网络服务SimpleDB的图书馆

====This library is intended to provide a high level interface to leverage the amazon web services (AWS) SimpleDB for Code Igniter with a syntax in a mySQL format that hopefully lowers the barriers to entry of LAMP programmers who desire to leverage AWS SimpleDB via CI. It relies on the myPawsSDB p...


paws - A PHP library for AWS - amazon web services About this Library This library currently provides a high level, natural PHP programming style interface to AWS SimpleDB. It will eventually be extended to include S3 and EC2. It relies on the standard amazon_SimpleDB library, but wraps it in...


amazon web services management console. Application uses amazon API to provide simple interface for amazon EC2, SNS, RDS, Route 53 and S3 services. This software is primarily for Honeycomb/ICS tablets....

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