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emacs 中的一个插件,对于想学习emacs编程的 很有用。

emacs 中的一个插件,对于想学习emacs编程的 很有用。-emacs in a plug-in, for want to learn useful programming emacs....

nXhtml - emacs Utilities for Web Development

nXhtml - emacs Utilities for Web Development Introduction to nXhtml nXhtml is an addon to emacs for editing XHTML, PHP and similar things. It is not very well-known, but it looks like at least Drew Yates has found it useful: nXML mode and the subsequent nXHTML mode for emac...

emacs Lisp程序可以让你快速地预测短期理财

emacs-easy-budget emacs-easy-budget is: Not exactly Microsoft Money Free, like really Lightweight and simple, you can modify it if you know emacs-lisp really easily Quick to use. Generate a new budget from your bank statement in a couple of minutes By Justin Heyes-Jones http://www.heyes-jones....

GNU emacs,cedet,央行和全球与MS Windows或Linux GNU

See Wiki Use: CEDET with semantic ECB (emacs Code Browser) GNU Global (gtags) Ack Helm AUCTeX custom shortcut ... and a lot of things It's used everyday on MS Windows (with last update), and sometimes on GNU/Linux. Tested on: * Windows XP with emacs 24.3 (rev 177) * Windows 7 with emacs 24....

emacs irsim网表的主要模式

IRSIM is a switch-level simulator for digital logic circuits. This is an emacs mode for editing IRSIM netlists. It provides syntax highlighting and an extremely pleasant method if indentation, as well as some minor polish that you should enjoy but not notice. To install, put irsim-mode.el somewhere...

铸造spels LISP -漫画书(emacs Lisp版)

Ever wonder what makes Lisp so powerful? Now you can find out for yourself - And you can do it right inside your GNU emacs text editor! If you've spent any time working with emacs, you'll find out that in order to get the full power out of this uber text editor, you'll want to learn a little about p...

emacs elisp

Set Windows DDK build environment on emacs. Base on DDK6000. Change basedir to your DDK directory before use Add (require 'wwn) in your .emacs file. Use "M-x wwn-setenv" set the build environment, or just use "M-x ddk-mode" open ddk mode, and choose build environment on the menu...


emacs配置成功能强大的编辑器, 包含ellipse脚本配置 ecope脚本配置等。 支持强大的搜索,编辑,定位功能等。 是的在linux平台下可以较好的完成编辑开发调试工作....

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