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facebook 喜爱滑块

这款应用程序定义了facebook 喜爱滑块。欢迎大家下载、试用。谢谢大家的支持!...

使用 C# 的 facebook 贝克普

facebook 应用程序可帮助用户发送数据、 邮政和还保持跟踪的数据的发布在用户墙上的...




Some sample PHP scripts written as a facebook app to explorer the Graph API provided by facebook. (just remember to change all the "YOUR_APP_ID" to your App ID, and "YOUR_APP_SECRET" to your App secret provided by facebook....


This is a open source php, jquery, fbconnect and facebook api base photo gallery. Using this application you'll see the latest photos of your friends in facebook. Here facebook connect is used for login purpose and facebook api is used to retrieve your friends latest photos from facebook. Jquery is...


PLEASE NOTE: This SDK is probably not the best option to build an application with. I never completed it, there are some known bugs, and facebook has changed their API several times since I last did anything with this. There are some alternatives available if you look hard enough. This SDK was basic...

facebook® XBMC Integration

Plugins for XBMC that allows connecting to facebook® within XBMC and display photo albums and show news feed with videos. facebook® is a registered trademark of facebook, Inc....

2个月前 发布

facebook events - Joomla插件

This is a plugin to show FB Events on your website. First of all you have to create a Fb App for your website, and get AppId and Secret key. Then find the FB page ID in the Url, it is the number part, for example for this page

facebook API for脚本

UPDATES facebookUtils is now compiled as well as facebookEvents. facebook 2.0 api has been released for download. Legacy users will still be able to use the .swc as they have been. WHAT IS NEW IN 2.0 BETA To make a more standardized way to access facebook whether it is from desktop applicati...

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