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What is hg.Net? A .Net class library that provides you with functionality to integrate Mercurial into your applications. What is Mercurial? A source control management system, more info at the Mercurial home page. What is hg.Net written in? VB.Net for framework version 2. I have not tested...


ProxyManager Easy switching of proxysettings for your desktop It's a simple idea, really: * Set up a proxy on your own computer. * Point all your networking apps to this local proxy (firefox, eclipse, chrome, apt, bash, gnomeapps, kdeapps,...) (this you only have to do once). * When you connect...

A Waze client for HP WebOS

An effort to convert the fantastic OpenStreetMap Mojo application, MiniMap (source), to a Waze client for WebOS. We hope to use the similarities in the WazeEmbeddedMap.js library with the source to Waze iPhone and Android clients as a guide to make this possible....

基于MIDI sequenzer Python环

A python loop-based Midi Sequenzer (WiP) New Version Kivy PyPortMidi Dev-Branche: "hg:sigma" take a look ;) Need (just in v0.1-rc1) OcempGUI PyGame Optional Linux Multi Media Studio http://lmms.sour...

页面层的页面性能。一个JS plungin

hg_launcher_js :Now the web2.0 application ,the more neck segments are not only the database speed or the application or the servers slow or the net speed.Besides the browser performance .As we all known, the javascript eval speed is very slower than other language.And the resource ,one page can loa...


Welcome to the Mercurial Bugtracker Extension Mercurial Bugtracker is a tiny distributed bugtracking extension for mercurial. With this extension, you can: * manage bugs and issues. * share bugs among developers. * keep issues side by side with your source code. * merge issues from your repositor...


什么是hg-Gui 一款可通过图形化操作 hg 的小工具,使用 Tkinter 构建 发起 在领导"大蟒本色"写作团队时,一些组员由于对写作过程的不理解使团队仓库经常混乱,花费不少时间整理。 一天突然开窍:何不写一个图形化 hg...


This command extension for Mercurial / hg allows to add files and folders to the <project-root>/.hgignore file. Mercurial will then ignore those files and directories in the hg status command. The .hgignore file will be created if it does not exist. Installation Add the following two line...

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