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Summary This C library retrieves specific reactions from the ‎BioModels database. It provides an API for: Performing simple string searches over a knowledge base that represents all biochemical reactions in BioModels Retrieving data related to specific reactions such as its kinetic law, parti...

Mozilla的JavaScript for Mac OS X桥。

Mozilla JavaScript-Cocoa Bridge for Mac OS X Lightweight bridge for calling Cocoa frameworks from Mozilla JavaScript, js-macosx transparently handles definition of Cocoa API, both C and Objective-C, and provides automatic declarations for framework functions, structures, constants and enumerations...

macosx将文件名从Unicode Unicode ld_preload模块预分解

If you hate decomposed unicode in macosx as much as I do, this piece of code is for you. This LD_PRELOAD module can transparently translate file names from decomposed unicode to precomposed unicode. (see $ make$ make install$ export DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESP...

通过酒库的港口suneido Linux / macosx

A port of to linux / macosx through wine libraries on the first step and gradually move to a native port. This is here only to share my personal experiments with suneido and allow other people participate on it too, it's not endorsed by, use it at your...

A GUI for different SSHFS realizations — MacFUSE and

About It is a GUI wrapper for either MacFUSE SSHFS (preferred) or the implementation at Mac OS X 10.5+ and at least one of the utilities listed below is required. MacFUSE (OSXFUSE in MacFUSE compatilibity mode should also work) SSHFS console utility by Takayama Fum...


重大声明 感谢大家的关心,Gypsophila希望为更多的清华毕业生带去最后的一丝回忆。 由于毕业很久,已经没有网络学堂账号,无法为该项目更新,程序难免出现各种崩溃情形,即将做出版本更新(保留核心功能,去除课堂讨论...

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