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solr indexing 目录执行



应用背景solr是一个独立的企业级搜索应用服务器,它对外提供类似于Web-service的API接口。用户可以通过http请求,向搜索引擎服务器提交一定格式的XML文件,生成索引;也可以通过Http Get操作提出查找请求,并得到XML格式的返回结...


    solr是一个独立的企业级搜索应用服务器,它对外提供类似于Web-service的API接口。用户可以通过http请求,向搜索引擎服务器提交一定格式的XML文件,生成索引;也可以通过Http Get操作提出查找请求,并得到XML格式...


Sunspot Sunspot is a Flash solr client written in Flex 3.0. solr is a powerful open source search server based on Lucene. Generally speaking, solr indexes documents via XML input and accepts queries for its indexed data via HTTP GET and POST requests. You can find more information on solr at apach...

JDBC Driver for Apache solr

Apache solrをJDBC経由でアクセスするためのドライバです。 SQLでsolrを操作できるようになります。 solr-jdbc is JDBC Driver that enable to access Apache solr by using SQL. features examples...

solr like data import handler to import Sql (MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL) data to NoSQL Systems (Mongodb,CouchDB,Elastic Search)

NOTE: This project has been moved to github. You can find it here -> Introduction sql-to-nosql-importer is a solr like data import handler to import Sql (MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL) data to NoSQL Systems (Mongodb,CouchDB,Elastic Search). Migration...

基于solr的中文搜索引擎框架(Chinese search engine base on solr

本搜索引擎框架实现了针对中文文本索引 搜索的基本功能和扩展接口 在solr/lucence和paoding基础上封装,结合中文文本特点,单独定制开发的一款搜索引擎框架 框架实现了multi-core共享solr,独立的索引创建 部署,支持多种格式数据接口,...

solr Apache的PHP的客户端

THIS PROJECT WAS MOVED TO GITHUB A PHP library for indexing and searching documents within an Apache solr installation. What is Apache solr? solr is an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JS...

solr Maven集成内置可以调度和动态核心复制

Features solr as Maven project solr Quartz Integration Dynamic Core replication from Master DeltaImport Job Scheduling Full Import Job scheduling...

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