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"zend framework DataGrid" is a project / component written in PHP5, specially developed to work with zend framework, aims to generate grids or list from a Data Source such zend\_Db\_Table, zend\_Db\_Select, zend\_Db\_Adapter, Propel, Array, and so on. With features like sort columns (sort...

CMS based on the zend framework

Unlabeled CMS Описание Это система управления сайтом, основанная на zend framework'е. В качестве БД используется MySQL/MariaDB. Система разрабатывается специально для корпоративн...

1个月前 发布

zend framework based CMF

Introduction After using different CMSs/CMFs I understood that there is one big problem. They are not clear to the DEVELOPERS and sometimes implemention of small feature could be really painful. And one day i've was decided to make an attempt to create developer friendly solution using best moder...

zend framework manual chm version

compile the offical zend framework manual to chm file format. update to the offical site release! About zend framework Extending the art & spirit of PHP, zend framework is based on simplicity, object-oriented best practices, corporate friendly licensing, and a rigorously tested agile codebase...

2个月前 发布

zend framework Project Deployment Tool

zend framework Project Development Tool Version: 0.1 Project State: Alpha Project Objectives: Fast Deployment of zend framework based projects on servers bypassing the ftp upload. Why ? : Ftp Upload of a zend framework project is slow sometimes it takes over an hour if you have to upload the libr...

2个月前 发布

This is an OpenSource CMS(content management system) based on zend framework

This is an OpenSource CMS(content management system) based on zend framework,which is a new OO PHP5 framework.Developers can easily create Plug-Ins to extend the Programm and change the themes. This will built more useful modules in the future....

zend framework Db Table ORM

"zend framework Db Table ORM" is a project that aims to give greater ORM functionality to zend\_Db\_Table Relationships. These extend the class "zend_Db_Table_Abstract" and "zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract" without touching or altering anything of its existing features. Yo...

zend framework cms/cmf

vsekruta-cmf это фреймворк на базе zend framework для быстрой разработки готовых решений. Корневая архитектура фреймворка базируется на концепции вложенных категорий (nested sets)...

zend framework Netflix的REST API

zend framework Service Wrapper for the new Netflix REST API. Includes all of the user, catalog, and management API calls outlined on the Netflix API. Application must be registered with Netflix before API calls return data. Ports easily into any zend framework install and is ready to use. Insta...

zend framework 中文教程

只是用中文的方式來寫 zend framework 的快速上手。 原始檔是用 Sphinx 來製作的文件。 目前的 TOC 為: Ch1: 開始使用 zend framework Ch2: 用 zend framework 做出簡單的留言版...

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