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apache 2.0.49溢出源代码,受影响版本: apache 2.0.49。

apache 2.0.49溢出源代码,受影响版本: apache 2.0.49。-Overflow apache 2.0.49 source code, the affected version: apache 2.0.49....


Perl script testing apache Range Header DOS Summary This script can be used to test apache can drop or reject many ranges http request against the apache Range Header DOS (CVE-2011-3192). If your apache use modsetenvif or modrewrite to detect a large number of ranges, this script may be usefu...

apache Wicket Cookbook Projects

Overview apache Wicket is the component based web framework for the Java platform. It is a highly popular framework that does not rely on JSPs or other heavy J2EE modules. This project consists of proof of concept applications and cookbook examples that you can run and deploy. Resources http...

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apache antispam filter to detect malicious web bots using the Project Honeypot DNS blacklist.

Repel http :BL Repel http:BL is used with the apache webserver or as a batch filter to identify friendly search engines and detect malicious web bots such as email address harvesters and comment spammers. The rewritemap filter accesses the DNS blacklist registry compiled by Project Honeypot to rel...

apache UIMA Annotators developed by RONDHUIT

apache UIMA Annotators developed by RONDHUIT. apache Solr, apache UIMA and their logos are trademarks of the apache Software Foundation. example solrconfig.xml for NExT named entity extractor ``` 3000 /com/rondhuit/uima/desc/NextAnnotatorDescriptor.xml true id false artic...

apache、Nginx、Lighttpd / MySQL /命令/ BIND9控制虚拟主机用户

Package for control your virtual hosts, users and zones on apache/Nginx/Lighttpd/MySQL/Vsftpd/Bind. This package Is intended for programmers who have to deal with Ubuntu/Debian Linux and develop on PHP, Python, Ruby, Django & RoR. This package automatizes the process of working with virtual ho...

apache 2.2。memcached支持HTTP缓存X mod_cache提供者模块

This module allows your apache 2.2.x installation to serve cached data quickly from one or more memcached server instances rather than from your file system. Like other caching modules available (mod_file_cache, mod_disk_cache, mod_mem_cache, etc.) this module lets you configure some basic parameter...

QMSOS - Queue Management System

The only queue management system totally open source!!!It's free, extensible and customizableQMSOS is a excellent solution for Public Institutions, associations, or private company to manage a people queue.QMSOS is a perfect open source software to control the customer flow.QMSOS ...



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