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string hash functions implemented in as3. being a pure actionscript library it can be used for any Flash/Flex/AIR project. usage download and unzip. place ashash.swc file to your project/src/libs directory. import this lib import com.laiyonghao.Hash; ## example ## code var str:String = 'laiyong...

actionscript 3的自定义类和组件

Riccardo Sallusti actionscript 3 Custom Classes and Flash components. CustomScrollBar, CustomLoader, TimelineLoading, CaptureImage, SimpleCarousel, ParallaxBox, Slideshow, FluidLayout, and lots of other useful classess. Full Documentation here: credits: Powerflasher FDT5: the best Flash IDE ever!...

actionscript 3基于IRC的图书馆

Flex IRC Client aims to be a Flex / Flash based IRC Client. Currently most browser-based chat solutions are either proprietary or applets. Flex IRC Client wants to bring the power of IRC to the majority of the Internet-users without requiring a download or an install. This project is a port of the...

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actionscript 3的RPC库Flash Remoting(使用),XML RPC,JSON RPC

actionscript 3 RPC Library Introduction As3 RPC lib is a set of libraries that can be used with Flex 2 or AS 3 to invoke remote procedure calls using: * AMF0 (Flash Remoting MX) * XML-RPC * JSON-RPC (Coming Soon) Usage mimics the RemoteObject which is available natively in Flex 2 in an effort t...

actionscript 3代码的关键互动

Using the keyboard keys, this actionscript 3.0 (flash) code will allow you to control elements on your stage using the qwerty(etc) keys on your keyboard....

actionscript 3库的几个基本工具。

The corelib project is an actionscript 3 Library that contains a number of classes and utilities for working with actionscript 3. These include classes for MD5 and SHA 1 hashing, Image encoders, and JSON serialization as well as general String, Number and Date APIs. THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED AND IS...

actionscript 3的API为Ping.fm的社交网络更新服务

as3pingfm is an actionscript 3 API for the social network updating service released under the MIT License. as3pingfm can be used in pure actionscript projects or with the Flex framework....

actionscript 3代码完成编写actionscript 3的Flash播放器,avmshell和MOD的actionscript(MODAS)

actionscript 3 Code Completion This software will run in Flash Player in a standard web browser. It will be an integrated development environment (IDE) capable of handling actionscript projects targeting Flash Player, tamarin avmshell and mod-actionscript The project has just been started, it is...

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