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actionscript 3类来管理你的事件

actionscript 3 Event Listener Manager Class (ELM) ELM moved to GitHub Overview With ELM you can add eventListeners to one or more group/s. Enjoy removing, enabling, disabling eventListeners groupwise with just one line of code. FEATURES: new cloneAdd - clone all eve...

actionscript 3图书馆communigate Pro服务器客户端

Quick start Usage Example with source Overview or full documentation Download .swc and ASDoc What CGP Client Library is for CGPClient Library is a tiny actionscript 3.0 library that lets you create simple CommuniGate Pro Flash/Flex/AIR client in 5 minutes. Pass login credentials, and a few...

actionscript 3电子邮件(SMTP和POP3或IMAP4)的客户端库

airxmail is SMTP and POP3/IMAP4 actionscript 3 ( Flex AIR ) library Futures Easy to access email data and don't need to understand e-mail protocols. Enable to handle multi-part message SMTP support SMTPAuth, SSL/TLS AIR2 or more: SSL( not need extra library ) / TLS ( depends as3crypto li...

actionscript 3的YAML解析器和发射器

as3yaml is an actionscript 3 YAML 1.1 parser and emitter. It is a direct port of Ola Bini's jvyaml, which was itself a port of Kirill Simonov's PyYAML. Click here to view the docs as3yaml is licensed under the MIT open source license. It utilizes the as3commons library which is licensed under th...

actionscript 3引擎设计的高速图形和节拍同步

evo.engine evo.engine is an actionscript 3 demo engine that can be customized for interactive use easily. It provides following base structures to help getting started with writing demos: * Frame accurate music synchronization with tracker-like approach * Super fast frame buffer approach * Post...

actionscript 3图书馆分类应用场所

The localelib project is an actionscript 3 Library that provides a function that allows developers to sort languages used in their Flex or AIR applications using system preferences....

actionscript 3的API Scribd

The Scribd library is an actionscript 3.0 API for the online document sharing application, Scribd. It provides access to the entire Scribd API....

actionscript 3(AS3)API Producteev

The produteev library is an actionscript 3 API for the online task management application , Producteev. It provides access to the entire Producteev API....

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