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超级简单实用的PHP+MYSQL医院预约管理系统  本程序比简单 预约数据的录入与修改 查询 自动图表生成展示.比较实适合单医院使用.  实用方法:将yuyue.sql导入买mysql数据库.修改config/config.php 文件中的数据库链接...

WebSocket server and extension for apache HTTP Server for testing

pywebsocket What is it? The pywebsocket project aims to provide a WebSocket standalone server and a WebSocket extension for apache HTTP Server, mod_pywebsocket. pywebsocket is intended for testing or experimental purposes. To run with apache HTTP Server, mod\_python is required. For wss, mod_s...

4个月前 发布

setuid module for apache-2.x

What is mod_suid2 ? mod_suid2 is Suexec module for apache-2.0. apache2 includes mod_suexec. if you enable this module, you can run CGI or SSI programs under user's privileges. (not as apache, nobody, wwwuser) For example, if CGI's owner is "user A", programs run as "user_a" n...

Tool for validating apache velocity template files.

Project moved to Github: Java tool for validating apache velocity templates Purpose Simple validation tool for detecting bugs in apache Velocity templates. It iterates thru directories and validates every .vm file. Errors are printed with filen...

Example how to use apache shiro with struts2 and sitemesh3 (flat file)

Example how to integrate apache shiro with struts2 and sitemesh3 (flat file) In this project I built an example how to configure an application that uses apache Shiro with struts2 and sitemesh3. In this example I will use a flat file to configure apache Shiro. In a next project I will use a databas...

常见的java框架。工具类,Spring,Hibernate和apache Commons支持

mr-common is a Java SE/EE framework. Was develop with apache common's, Spring, Hibernate, and Birt Report frameworks. Features: Utils classes to work with strings, time, I/O, formatters, i18n, mail, etc. Spring support (Core, DAO, Security, Webflow, MVC). Hibernate with auditory support. User manag...

尽管在OSGi容器(apache Karaf)分布包括CLI(OSGi Karaf BPMN管理命令)

Welcome to Activiti with apache Karaf This project packages and configures Activiti components (Runtime, CLI and Web based tools) in apache Karaf Container to make Activiti available on a ready to use OSGi platform. The code hosted on this project consists of * Maven projects - to configure and p...

anttaskbarfileconfig:apache Ant任务定制一条文件

`AntTaskBarFileConfig` is a task for apache Ant for customizing a BAR File generated with IBM Websphere Broker Toolkit. First of all, why do you need to customize a BAR file ? When you have to migrate from one environment to another (for example, from Development to Quality, from Quality to Produc...

3个月前 发布

MVC web程序 啤酒选择系统

1)开发了一个简单的啤酒选择的JSP页面,要求统计用户登录该页面的次数,并利用JSP语法申明一个变量,用于显示可供选择的啤酒的颜色种类数; 2) 用标准的定制化标签库代替jsp文件中的java代码; 3)在代码中使...

1个月前 发布
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