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linux圣经:介绍,包括Fedora、Debian、ubuntu SUSE knoppix,,,…

Linux Bible: Introduction, including Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE, ubuntu, and other 7 kinds of Linux* Ideal for users planning the transition to Linux who want to sample different distributions to see which one best meets their needs* Includes sections on practical uses for Linux, multimedia apps,...


The objective for the Python Web Developer Package project is to facilitate both learning how to develop and developing web applications using Python. The Python Web Developer Package makes installing the leading Python web development frameworks, supporting libraries, and relevant tools simple. T...


ubuntu Touch port for Toshiba AC100 Download section contains first usable images for people who are curious to see running ubuntu Touch on their Toshiba AC100....

0.29.13 EHCP版发布

``` new features in 0.29.13: * email change pass in webmail/squirrelmail * dynamic dns support directly in ehcp * example ehcp api * bulk add email * email auto-reply directly in ehcp, no 3rd party software * new default ubuntu theme, by razvan * new ftp and subdomain options * a few bugfix, code cl...


Introducción Este proyecto consiste en un texto libre y en español sobre el desarrollo y empaquetamiento de programas para sistemas basados en Debian GNU/Linux (en particular, ubuntu). La idea es documentar el proceso de desarrollo de aplicaciones de escritorio sencillas escritas en lenguajes c...

如何- Debian和ubuntu衍生物库

adminpool HowTo Debian and ubuntu derivative Repositories This project is a personal set of tools to build repostories for a Debian or ubuntu derivatives, like LliureX, Guadalinex, etc. Examples for Reprepro such as: 1. configuration files 1. scripts 1. inoticoming configuration and examples 1...

3个月前 发布

安装/拆卸从ubuntu Linux Adobe软件工具

Adobe Tools is a program that allows for the installation and removal of Adobe Software on ubuntu Linux. It currently supports Adobe Flash Player (x86 & x64) Adobe AIR (x86 & x64) (WIP) Please see the ubuntu Forums Thread for discussion. Maintained by Sandy Dolphinaura P.S. For those...

FrontPage服务器扩展2002补丁的ubuntu和Apache 2.2

Patched Source Code and Special Installer Script of Frontpage Server Extensions 2002 for ubuntu and Apache 2.2. The original extensions were never released for use with Apache 2.2 and many people were having problems installing them on ubuntu even when running Apache 2.0. I don't claim rights to the...

维多利亚的computerbank问题跟踪我们的CBV ubuntu发行版,Plone网站、局域网或建筑问题

Computerbank uses volunteers to bring affordable computing and connectivity to low income people and community groups. Computerbank is firmly committed to caring for the environment by reusing and recycling donated equipment. Computerbank achieves this by: Using free and open source software to o...

Java Swing应用程序允许您将与ubuntu桌面

Se libera la versión 2.0. Se publica en un repositorio de paquetes personales de ubuntu. ppa:danjaredg/jayatana Instalar: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danjaredg/jayatanasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install jayatana Después de instalar debes reiniciar sesión. Desinstalar: sudo apt-get --pu...

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